imbue (something) with new life and vitality.
synonyms: reinvigorate, re-energize, boost, regenerate, revive, revivify, rejuvenate,
reanimate, resuscitate, refresh, stimulate, breathe new life into;

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250,000 SF Revitalization Project is Underway.

Wii Projects leads Foothills Industrial into the next era.

As one of Foothills longest buildings; just under four downtown Calgary city blocks long and 251,112 SF of leaseable area (GLA), you won't miss it. Situated on 9.54 acres and located at the entrance into Foothills Industrial, with prime exposure to 61st Avenue S.E. it was essential to establish individual business identities while balancing exposure with the function and activity of 36 loading doors (Dock, Drive in & Active Rail).

Aerial of foothills industrial calgary 4216 61st Ave SE
Early in the process and as solution providers, Wii Projects recognized the potential revitalization qualities of this Multi-tenant Industrial Building. It's current zoning (I-G) Industrial-General is intended to be characterized by a wide variety of light and medium general industrial uses with support for various commercial activities.

The majority of Foothills Industrial was developed in the 1970's and now close to 50 years later these buildings are seeing higher than normal vacancy rates. As a result, significant funds will need to be reinvested in these buildings and the standard operating and maintenance budgets will need to be revisited. Some of the assets have been replaced over the preceding 30-40 years and the owners and manager are now operating a building with assets at a variety of different ages. There is no longer a single baseline and the facility managers are tasked with tracking the different assets.

Our revitalization team offers clients looking to update their tired building assets a variety of creative, quick, and financially-optimized options that reflect progressive tenant values and ultimately drive higher occupancy.

Bringing together cost-effective solutions, leading-edge design, and high-performance building systems, our Revitalization team is working with the ownership team and management group to transform this aging and dated asset into a distinctive, modern structure with dynamic urban character critical to attracting high-quality tenants.

Buildings are vital assets, not only to owners and their stakeholders, but as well to the citizens that live and work in them, to the cities and towns where quality of life and skylines are defined by the built fabric.

As buildings reach the end of their lifecycle, Wii Projects Revitalization team offers you a comprehensive suite of expert services to restore, renew, refresh or repurpose your assets.

With a proven record for fast-track project delivery and little to no disruption to tenants, neighbours or operations, our Revitalization team is experienced in a wide array of urban projects. Our Revitalization portfolio of over (1 million+ SF), combined with well-developed project planning and pre-construction protocols, ensures that high-quality projects are completed safely, on time and on budget to a predetermined quality.


Refresh — As solution providers, Wii Projects recognizes that building revitalization is not an easy one-size-fits-all solution. Our revitalization team offers clients looking to update their tired building assets a variety of creative, quick, and financially-optimized options that reflect progressive tenant values and ultimately drive higher occupancy.

Retrofit — Our Revitalization team brings a holistic approach to the retrofit of a building’s systems to ultimately lower operating costs and enhance tenant comfort. We partner with facility management and/or building operations teams to understand the unique qualities of every building and then, with the best mechanical and electrical designers and trade contractors, to modify systems where possible and replace only where necessary. We partner with the best control and network solution providers in the market to provide fully integrated, intricate BAS systems that allow for greater interoperability and higher occupant satisfaction.

Repurpose — From tired mall to new offices, old offices to new condos, or old retail to new restaurant, many clients are looking to repurpose their assets to accommodate new market-competitive uses. Our Revitalization team adds immense value when engaged early through the pre-construction phases to anticipate and advise on repurposing challenges, solutions and opportunities.

Reposition — As densification and decreasing land supply in urban cores drive property values higher, the repositioning of assets has become increasingly a client imperative. Our Revitalization team will work with you to assemble an experienced team of design professionals, engineers, consultants, and tenant advisors, seasoned in the unique demands of urban revitalization projects, to provide you with turnkey solutions that manage the complexities and often considerable technical risks involved in such projects.

Renew — Our Revitalization team has worked on numerous prestigious heritage building restorations in Calgary, with top heritage and restoration experts, and has deep experience on how to breathe new life into these trophy assets. These projects are often high-profile, under intense public scrutiny, and can be complicated by ‘hidden’ issues or other unknowns. To be successful, they demand careful pre-planning and the thoughtful, innovative and sensitive construction approach that our Revitalization team offers.

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• We work for you and with you to understand your goals, overcome challenges, and earn your trust.
• We push ourselves to consistently deliver beyond the expected and provide an outstanding experience for our clients, trades, subcontractors, suppliers, employees, and communities.
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